Fishing to Feed

"Food connects us, art tells the story of these connections"

Black Soil: Our Better Nature is pleased to share our platform with local change agents leveraging the land to unite, feed and sustain their communities.

We turn Soil: the Blog over to Marley Johnson, our Community Photographer in Resident to share a new initiative inspired by our mission of reconnecting Black Kentuckians to their heritage and legacy in agriculture. Join us in supporting this endeavor.

(TSCxM) = The Sunny Collection x Misguided

Fishing to Feed 🎣

by Marley Johnson, Community Photographer in Resident

The last few months in 2020 has revealed many truths. Some that we were already aware of and some that might come shocking to others. Nevertheless, this is the time that WE must remember love is the answer to all this madness. If you’re like me, having a BIG heart sometimes feels as if it will be the death of me. I always find myself wanting to save everyone that I can, helping as much as possible, be a voice to those without a voice and etc.

Since meeting Marley Carter, late 2018, we’ve both expressed how important it is to get involved within our communities. Jay Kristoff once said “An avalanche starts with one pebble. A forest with one seed. And it takes one word to make the whole world stop and listen. All you need is the right one.” We might not have the resources or reach to save the world. However, if we can make even the SMALLEST change in the place we call home - that’s a start.

As of June (TSCxM) = The Sunny Collection x Misguided is committed and dedicated to - donating, providing, serving, educating, feeding, teaching, the people within our community.

When Misguided was founded in late 2018, the foundation was built off the love for music. The music will always be here, but there’s more to our lifestyle than music. Misguided is a lifestyle full of culture ranging from - music, art, culinary, fashion, philanthropy, agriculture, social activism, financial literacy, and visual art. All with the hopes of growing and expanding more. As we continue to build we couldn’t help but notice that our platform began to grow. (TSCxM) is committed to using our platform to uplift and serve our community in any way that we can.

Starting July 26th, 2020, (TSCxM) will be feeding those in our communities in need of a home cooked Sunday dinner. Founder of The Sunny Collection, Marley Carter is recruiting 10 - 15 young men who are available the last Saturday of each month to reel in enough fish to prepare 100 meals (goal). For anyone wanting to volunteer their time but is without a permit, please email - your first and last name, age, phone number, any fishing experience.

All fish will be gutted/cleaned and prepared at Food Chain, 501 W 6th St #105, Lexington, KY 40508. Any donations can be dropped off at this location as well between the hours of : and :

We are reaching out to local chefs/restaurants seeking a donation of a side OR discounted price to purchase a side large enough to prepare 100 meals. Any chef/restaurant donating any side(s) to Fishing to Feed, please email your logo + social media handles to for recognition of your support and social media promotion.


Fish Dinner includes two (2) sides + bottled water

Option A: fish + 2 sides / Option B: fish + 2 vegan sides / Option C: 3 sides

Location Breakdown:

  1. 25 meals downtown Lexington - Courthouse area/Alfalfa

  2. 3 meals to 5 single mothers (=15 meals) - must email W/ name, address and phone number

  3. 15 meals to medical workers at hospitals

  4. 15 meals to The Hope Center

  5. 15 meals to the Arbor Youth Center

  6. 15 meals to our elders in the community - must email w/ name, address and phone number

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